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Full Name: Solomon Okibe Ochepa
About: * - Developer.
* Federal Ministry of Information - Instructor (Web Designing & Developments).
* Geemla Technology, Makurdi - Instructor.
Country: Nigeria
State of origin: Benue state
Local Government: Ado
Home Town: Agila
Current Place (Location): Benue State University, Makurdi

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Score: 7,040 points (ranked #1)
Reviews: 137
Opinions: 227 (1 *best)
Comments: 46
Voted: 157 Issues, 178 opinions
Given: 329 +supports, 6 -protests
Received: 329 +supports, 6 -protests

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Hi! Eyes are usless when it is heart is blind.
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Big bros
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To Live doesn't mean you're Alive!
I'm Alive once more again, I pray the path we have
taken today should lead us to our rightful destination!
Let love lead; love me as yourself!
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Life's not a bed of roses!
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