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Why Advertise on iConnect?

  • A large and engaged audience:

    iConnect has a worldwide audience of more than million monthly visitors. iConnect users are highly educated and primarily participates in local discussions.

  • High user intent:

    Users demonstrate high intent on iConnect based on the content they are reading. iConnect offers a variety of issue topics to target with ads so you can reach the right users at the right time with your message.

  • Quality contents:

    Users on iConnect create profiles based on their real identities and iConnect's moderation policies enforce civil discourse and ensure that your contents only shows up alongside the highest quality content.

  • Measurable results:

    Our ads platform makes it easy to measure the ROI of your campaigns. View standard metrics in our ads manager and track conversions using our system or integrate with our technical partners.

How it Works!

  1. Create your account

    You need an iConnect user account to get access to the iConnect Ads Manager and start running your ads. If you don't have an account, create free account now.

  2. Create your ad copy and choose your audience

    Choose a headline, description text, banner image, target URL and a call to action for your text ad. Target your ad by topic, platform or location.

  3. Set your budget and launch your campaign

    iConnect Ads runs off a CPC-based model that is powered by a real-time auction. Set your desired CPC bid and adjust the bid and budget at any time. Measure performance using our reporting.

  4. Only pay for results

    Signing up for iConnect ads is free. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You control how much you spend and you can adjust spend based on your needs.

How are ads billed?

Ads on iConnect are billed daily, and you can choose any duration you want.

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