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Dear members,
The CEO (Solomon O. Ochepa) has added an additional 100k into the development and rebranding of iMessenger.
The cash, he said will be used for the following;

1). New Domain name registration (www.imessenger.live)
2). Search Engine Optimization (minor)
3). site security (https)
4). Server upgrading (minor)
5). Website redesigning (GUI)

Thanks for always being with us.

Development team,
Nice turn sir. You've made the right decision sir.
Thanks a lot my dear.
I really appreciate your participation and sincere contributions.

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Well done sir.

God will surely reward you for this good work you have started. I love the concept and i'm here to stay.

I pray for God to give you more, i want you to know that your time and the whole money you have put t o this project are not in vain. Just keep your hope alive.

Thanks sir.
Wow! Thanks dear.
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