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Students of Benue State University, Makurdi are currently protesting the “No school fees, No exams” policy adopted by the institution’s management.

What's your opinion?
Should every students pay school fees before writing exams and why?

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"No Fees, No Exams" abi?
And what about "No Salaries, No Fees" policy? The government is always missing the points; now clearly the government wants us to go and steal to pay our fees!
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Personally, i don't think so. Students should be allowed to write their exams, every students will surely pay their outstanding fees dury clearance.
Moreover, the state government itself is owing most of their parents!
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It's not right to stop students from writing exams simply because they haven't pay their school fees yet, not like they wouldn't pay. However, what's even surprising me most is this the same government that can't even pay our parents, now implementing No fees, No exams.
There is God oh!

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