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I wrote this review from personal experience and observations. Airtel network is getting worse daily.
1. Data plans misrepresentation
2. Nagging SMS alerts
3. Dropped balance
4. Poor network connection
5. Deceiving & misrepresented promotions
6. Data balance double charge
7. Irritating auto pages (e.g. facebook) redirecting
... and much more issues.

When Airtel introduced the "0 balance facebook browsing," everyone including I myself was happy, even though with great limitations.
Today, Airtel 0 balance pages redirecting is nothing to write home about. On most occasions, you can't load a new page or refresh any page without being automatically redirected to facebook. This action is completely offensive, stupid and irritating.
However, network providers should always remember that we the customers choose them and can equally choose to drop them at any point.

Though my Airtel data balance is 0, but the worst and most annoying aspect is that I'm connected and browsing using a WiFi network and secondly, my phone uses 2 sim cards. Whey should Airtel not let me open at least a single page without been redirected to facebook free?

Sincerely, I'm. done with all this - I would like to here what you have to say about this issue.

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I'm done with all these frustrations. In less than 24 hours from now, I'll be porting my number from Airtel network.
And believe me, just me alone leaving their network might not affect them but the many more others my action and opinion will affect.
(+1 != -1)
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Airtel Redirect page irritates. couldn't access any page other than facebook.
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