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Why Will Naij Mail Shutdown Their Service?

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The company's decision to seize operation of the mail service comes as a result of the service's inability to compete with the bigger players in the market, like Gmail or Yahoo.
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The cost of resources needed to maintain the service also contributed to this decision. All existing users of will receive a notification and information on the next steps to take following the termination of the service.
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And u decided to give up!
that's bad
(2.4k points) · opinion . is the first ever locally-owned mailing service launched in Nigeria. It was introduced in mid 2014 as an alternative mailing service provider for Nigerians at time when so many people wondered why no Nigerian-owned mailing service existed.
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We deeply regret the inconveniences this development may cause our mail service users.
However, it is a necessary step that has to be taken. Moreover, the users still all have more than enough time to restrategise.
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Enquiries and questions concerning this development should be forwarded to [email protected]
Also, if there are any difficulty, contact your friends who are experienced users (know computer well).
Users can also drop requests to the editorial team directly on [email protected], if the need arises.
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All the emails in your opinion are not working
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I tried visiting your website too ( and its not working.
Is still existing or down?
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Why is not working anymore? I tried to visit both the and but all to no avail.
How can I check my Naij Mail account?
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Please Bring Back Naijmail Service
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