Why did America refuse Nigeria assistance to deal with its insurgency (Boko Haram)?

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Nigeria is a very brutal and corrupt nation so any military assistance given to it could easily be diverted or even sold or outright given to Boko Haram. Without substantial assurances that this would not occur, it would be too dangerous for the United States to provide Nigeria with weapons technology.

Also, as Quadri Oluwaseun noted, no nation has a monopoly on weapon’s sales. Nigeria can purchase weapons as necessary on the open market or from other nations. That it did not, especially when its citizens are being kidnapped and murdered is very telling.

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Can u really say that the Americans refused the assistance of Nigerians. The issue is that they were not comfortable in sharing information with the Nigerian military because of the infiltration of the military by Boko Haram sympathisers.
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I don't think this should be an issue. Selling of weapons is not a monopoly business. USA not selling weapons to Nigeria for whatever reasons known to them does not mean Nigeria should not look else where to buy weapons legally instead of making it an issue. There is something else ...

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They would not deploy their own soldiers due to the lack of economic feasibility, that is to say that they do not benefit enough to mobilise their armed forces and they don't like doing arms deals with Nigeria because it looks so incredibly bad for their image.

Example headline:
US funds terrorists in Nigeria

May God help us all.
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