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Cooperating with neighbouring countries: no safe haven (the initial challenge to the fight was that those terrorist would quickly move into neighbouring countries after an attack. The Nigerian army couldn't do much once they switched countries) but the situation has changed and those thugs are feeling the heat.
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Most effective - separating their acts of violence from their religion.

When dealing with them so people could see how much of a fraud they are. It's was necessary since at first, they got support from the locals on religious sentiments.
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Sensitization - most of their fighters joined them based on:

  1. They're promoting Islam (ignorance was everywhere). You're not promoting Islam but dying by suicide.
  2. Loans - so these guys give loans to some poor folks which they know they can't repay, to offset they have choice but to join there army. Don't take loan from a random person.
  3. Kidnapping - does any man really have a choice when his wife, kids and mother have been detained/abducted?? Your wife and kid could get killed anyway in an air strike, or their abductors. Note: these guys move around a lot so it's sometimes difficult to know when they've hostages.
  4. These guys are not practicing Islam correctly, they're dangerous, you could be next, don't fear them report their location once observed.
  5. Stay away from social gathering, crowded places, suspicious items, markets, bus stations, they could be a suicide bomber lurking.
  6. Take note of your children's movement and friends, there could be a bomber trying to exploit their ignorance and innocence. He might use them for the job.
  7. Wanted list, bounty, etc.
  8. Take note of any strange person, movement, vehicle in your neighborhood.
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They fought and continue to fight a massive war against them, they worked with their neighboring countries in that fight because its a transnational issue.

Those are some of the actions.

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