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You aren't complete when you keep your opinions to yourself.

Having opinions is healthy, it indicates a progressive nature.

Having opinions signifies that we are improving, understanding why the world works the way it does and why people behave the way they do.

However, because everyone has opinions, everyone thinks they are deserving of being;

  • heard
  • applauded
  • agreed with
  • admired
  • liked for their opinions.

Mostly, people will fight, troll, insult, provoke and lie to turn their opinion into the common truth.

Does that mean we have to stop having opinions? Of course not, but there are few things we should address when it comes to opinions.

  • Fact Vs Opinions
  • Opinions Can Change

  • Opinions Could Be Wrong

  • Opinions Need Context

  • Opinions Label You

  • Your Opinion Matters

  • Share Your Opinion

Perfect - everybody get their own opinions and opinions are not facts.

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The weakest arguments you could make against someone's opinion are to say it doesn't matter or that no one asked for it. All opinions matter, and if we all waited to share our opinion until we were asked, most of us would be dateless to the Opinion Prom.


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