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Wow! Your are now limited to make just one opinion per review!
Surely, users will definitely miss the old way - unlimited opinions per user on a review; real-time debates, but boring.

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Now we have to be more smarter and precise when making our opinion. We can no longer make multiple opinions on a single review, just one final and concise opinion, and then comments.
Thanks for your review and this wonderful opinion, we appreciate your kind.
Yes! Every users need to be more cleaver now when making an opinion, keep it simple and concise.
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We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this new policy might have caused. "One User - One Opinion" policy will help users to locate useful information easily and also enhance user-friendliness and contents orderliness.
"One user - One opinion" policy will indirectly improve content standard and also encourage users to engage more in other interactive aspects such as Voting and Commenting.
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Having multiple opinions about an issue will facilitate conflicts and contradictions, its like saying; Yes, and then later saying; maybe No.
We should learn to stand by our Opinion!

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