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My husband and I welcomed our beautiful son on the 3rd of November and my recovery after was pretty easy so we had sex (I know ur gonna say it's too soon, but hear me out) twice unprotected and yes he finished inside me. Once was 6 days after I delivered and the other was yesterday. What are the odds that I'm pregnant now? I've been trying to breast feed but I've been having a hard time with our 4 yr old daughter to care for and everyday life u other Mom's have to deal with at home. If I am I'll be more then happy but I'm
just curious when my period will come next month if it does and what the odds are. Thanks Mom's.

Source: https://www.babycenter.com/400_sex-after-giving-birth_8231679_962.bc
LOL! I didn't think I'd get a positive comment with this
whopper since no one else has mentioned having sex this early on.
Thanks for the support though! I'll be sure to let u know what happens, guess I gotta wait till the 6 week check up but I might get a test within the next two weeks just to see.

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I think you'd set a record if you got pregnant 6 days after giving birth. If you're still bleeding, which I'm assuming you are, then it's even less likely you could have gotten pregnant.
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