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Instructions: How to create & use Mail account.

We believe strongly in the value of electronic mail in both corporate and personal domains.

Email is cheaper and faster than a letter, less intrusive than a phone call, less hassle than a FAX. There is also evidence that email leads to a more egalitarian information structure.

So, most people use email everyday whether it be for work, school, or our personal lives. seems to be the preferred choice for many Nigerians and is absolutely free.

Creating a mail (naijmail) account is simple and on this review, you will see detailed instructions (opinions) and screenshots on how to create or sign up for a naij mail account.

  • Mobile access: You can easily have access to (naijmail) with your smartphone, mobile phone or tablet PC from any place in Nigeria or whole world
  • Short and memorable address: Naij email address (e.g. [email protected]) is very easy to remember and spell.
  • Easy and fast interface: Now you don’t need to spend your time searching needful function or interface element. With Naij mail, everything has been made easier and faster.
  • Big mailbox size: Starting mailbox size is 2 Gb, up to unlimited size if you’re active user
  • 100% Free!
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Step 1: Visit the mail official website.
First thing you need to do is to visit (and also possible remember) the mail official website address. Reason being that, there are many mail servers and you dont have to mistake G-Mail for Naij Mail.

The official mail server address is
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Sorry, this service (Naij Mail) has been discontinue and will be shutting down permanently on 1st Jan, 2018.
However, you can sign up or register your email account with GMail (Google), HotMail (Live) or Yahoo Mail.
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Welcome to, where your Opinions matter!
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justice and prosperity
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So, when can we start accessing our nail mailbox again?
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