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Do we really need a formal education to be rich? Why are our teachers so poor in real life?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad


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No! Formal education is not required for you to become rich. But also, you should know what Education mean; the process of learning.
Sure, you'll need to learn about your business.
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Define "education", "rich" and "need"!  Is it mandatory to have a high level of formal education to make a lot of money?  NO!  There are indeed example of people with low levels of education becoming very rich with regard to making money.
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However, "on average", people with higher levels of education make more money in their lifetime than those with lower levels of education.  Being "rich" can certainly mean more than having a lot of money... as many others have pointed out!
I fully subscribe to that thought.
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In summary, I have bachelor, master, and Ph.D. degrees and, without doubt, I've made more money than I would have without those degrees.  I worked in many "blue collar" jobs to pay the bills while earning those degrees and can unequivocally say that my "working conditions" are much MUCH better in my "white collar" job.
My bachelors degree was from a large public liberal arts university and the liberal arts part of my education is something I value to the highest level!
I am a better person and a better professional because of the liberal arts.  My majors prepared me to do what I do... my liberal arts education makes me WHO I am!
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