What are your biggest weaknesses?

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Every candidate knows how to answer this question: Just pick a theoretical weakness and magically transform that flaw into a strength in disguise!
For example: "My biggest weakness is getting so absorbed in my work that I lose all track of time. Every day I look up and realize everyone has gone home! I know I should be more aware of the clock, but when I love what I'm doing I just can't think of anything else."
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So your "biggest weakness" is that you'll put in more hours than everyone else? Great...
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A better approach is to choose an actual weakness, but one you're working to improve. Share what you're doing to overcome that weakness. No one is perfect, but showing you're willing to honestly self-assess and then seek ways to improve comes pretty darned close.
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Perfection - anything am doing has to be perfect thereby taking me longer at times in completing a particular task
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I feel that my greatest weakness is that sometimes I will be too honest to coworkers and my team members when I provide feedbacks at work. I am naturally very straightforward, and most of my colleagues really value that, but I have learned that there are times on the job when more diplomacy is required.

So, I attended a training class on conflict management which helped me to understand the ways to communicate differently with different people in a different situation. So now I have improved my level at providing constructive feedback at work

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